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🔸 Meetings are important moments in your collaboration.

> How satisfied are you with the way you meet and collaborate?

You want to make the best use of your precious meeting time. You need collaborative moments to advance with your thinking, come up with innovative ideas and find solutions, while strengthening working relationships with colleagues and partners. You want your meetings to be purposeful and productive, human and connected and inclusive and engaging. 

🔸 It takes preparation to have a successful meeting, workshop, or network event.

>What do you invest in the preparation of your meetings? 

Preparing some bullet points is not enough. Rather ask yourself some basic questions: Why do we meet? What’s our creative challenge to work on? What do we want to walk away with? How could we proceed to include all voices and perspectives? The meeting starts when you start planning it. By reaching out to those you invite you bring them on-board and create the floor for engagement. 

🔸 Facilitation and networking skills are for everyone.

>How strong are your’s and your team’s, group’s or network’s process muscles?

Thinking about the How is no luxury. By strengthening your facilitation and networking skills and paying attention how a process unfolds you will have better meetings and improve your collaboration. Developing a sense of collective process mindfulness within your team, group, network can enhance your interactions and meeting output.

My offer:

🔸 If you want to UPDATE YOUR ONLINE FACILITATION PRACTICE reach out to me. 

Virtual collaboration can be dynamic and engaging! Make sure that your meetings and workshops are well designed, fulfil their purpose, give energy and connect and engage everyone.

Together with Corinne Sprecher I offer online facilitation training: Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive. Confident, Creative and Convincing., in-house taster sessions and thematic workshops. Or ask for a process and method coaching.

🔸 If you are keen to DISCOVER LIBERATING STRUCTURES get in touch.

Liberating Structures fundamentally change the game of collaboration. Whether in person or virtually, they help structure your meetings, workshops, training, or network events for lively interaction and engaging everyone. They bring ease and lightness, and at the same time focus and depth to your interactions. 

I provide Liberating Structures immersion workshops, both open and in-house, and I support in-house design teams. Ewen Le Borgne and Ruben Klerkx and I are partnering on this initiative.  

🔸 Would you like some GUIDANCE FOR YOUR FACILITATION CHALLENGE? Let’s speak.

The best way to bring your collaboration practice to the next level is practice. Learn by doing. I am happy to be your reflection partner whispering out loud my observations, questions, and insights. 

About me

I am a coach, mentor, and facilitator inspiring individuals, teams and networks to create new expectations on how to meet, share and learn. Virtually & in person. 

I support individuals, networks and teams on their learning journey. I belief in the power of lifelong learning. Conversation, exchange of stories  and reflection with peers are the motor for inspiration and personal growth. I am a passionate explorer and learner, and love connecting people and ideas. As founder of Learning Moments I want to inspire and motivate people to be curious and to explore new ways of working and thinking.


Join an Unhurried Conversation I am hosting with Johnnie Moore and enjoy an unhurried hour of being in conversation with strangers weaving thoughts and ideas together. 

Get inspiration by reading. I am blogging about my personal reflections and observations linked to sharing and learning.

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If you are interested in online facilitation, have a look at: Bringing your Meetings & Workshops Online: 
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Strengthen your process muscles and you will enjoy being in interaction about what matters in your meetings.