About me

I am a coach, mentor, and facilitator inspiring individuals, teams, and networks to create new expectations on how to meet, share and learn. Virtually & in person. Each meeting is a precious moment to connect, share, learn and collaborate.

I am on a mission to spread facilitation skills. Because facilitation skills are life skills. And because facilitated meetings are better meetings.

When more leaders, teammates, colleagues, and network members step into the role of the facilitator, meetings can be transformed into energy-boosting, engaging, and enjoyable collaborative moments. 

I am a passionate explorer and learner, and love connecting people and ideas. As founder of Learning Moments I want to inspire and motivate people to be curious and to explore new ways of working and thinking. I believe in the power of lifelong learning.  I see conversations, exchange of stories, and reflection with peers as important motors for inspiration and personal growth. 

More about my professional journey on my LinkedIn profile: nadia.vonholzen 

Get further inspiration:

  • My blog is full of personal reflections and observations linked to sharing and learning. I blog about: #purposefulmeeting #bettermeetings #facilitation #faciliationskills #liberatingstructures  #engagement #virtualevents #participatorydesgin #co-creation #unhurried 
  • You can find me on Twitter under @nanadia


I am happy to support and accompany you on your learning journey to become a facilitator. 

Send me an Email:  learning.moments.info@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.