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The brave and curious network mindset or what it needs to think and work the networked way

At the last Knowledge Management Think Table* we reflected what a networked mindset means to us. Our harvest was rich. Here my try to visualize our reflection: There is one word that caught my attention. It is the little word... Continue Reading →

The pleasure of blogging

I don’t set out to write for children. I don’t consciously set out to write a book for some imaginary child. I just write the book because I have to… I don’t have any audience in mind except my own... Continue Reading →

Twitter and Co. – my personal learning habits

I am often asked by friends and peers how I use Twitter and Co. Social media is part of my PKM habit. The term PKM = Personal Knowledge Management was coined by Harold Jarche. He developed the seek - sense... Continue Reading →

How to cultivate your feedback culture

What about your feedback culture? Do you cultivate it? Feedback is one of the simplest learning tools. All it needs is an invitation, intention and attention. The other morning I was early on my way to the train station. I... Continue Reading →

How to make the best use of notes taken during learning events to boost learning

Taking notes during learning events is one way of learning. The act of writing is the reader’s way of learning. There are different options to digest notes after the event to deepen reflection and prepare the path to transfer the... Continue Reading →

Great for learning

Learning doesn't always need a lot. Paper and pen, a walk or a chat can trigger insightful reflection and deepen our understanding. An open mind, a burning question and a quiet focused moment make our body and mind do a... Continue Reading →

The art of asking questions

Questions and discovery are two things that belong together. I was blogging already about Learning questions – discovery questions and The power of questions – the spirit of curiosity. All our life we ask questions, although more at a certain age and... Continue Reading →

Taking a time-out – allowing life its pace

Taking a time-out to ask life for guidance? We are used (and forced) to plan, to analyze and anticipate, to set targets and define the road forward. What happens when a family decides for an extended absence for not having... Continue Reading →

Mteto Maphoyi and Luciano Pavarotti

Learning for change? Yes! With a CD from Pavarotti, with passion and the force of the learning mind change is possible. Watch yourself (12'35). I am impressed.

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