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Hungry for creative challenges or what it takes for people to engage

I often observe people in meetings, seminars, or workshops. It is my job to do so. For steering the process, I am regularly taking the temperature; I need to know how involved participants are. Engagement is visible and can be felt. On... Continue Reading →

Playful spheres; or what makes you play?

What makes you play? When are you playful? What do you need to feel ready to slip into a playing mood? Last week I co-facilitated a workshop on remote communication. We designed the workshop in a spirit of play –... Continue Reading →

Easier drawing while meeting with visual vocabulary

  If you can write letters, you can draw." Doug Neill That's what I told myself when I signed up for the one day visualization training "Faszinieren am Flipchart". I want to get better in drawing and visual note taking.... Continue Reading →

Framing is connecting

We think of photography as pictures. And it is. But I think of photography as ideas. And do the pictures sustain your ideas or are they just good pictures? I want to have an experience in the world that is... Continue Reading →

Doodle while you meet – a blank sheet of paper does the trick

When I go to a meeting I am equipped with blank paper sheets and some colour markers. And I often use them. I start doodling. When I explain a situation, circumstance or a connection it is often just easier to... Continue Reading →

Start drawing by doodling – some ideas

I started drawing by doodling just for myself. It’s fun. Slowly I dared to doodle with colleagues while having meetings. The power of clarifying things visually makes me drawing more and more. In this blog post I share some ideas... Continue Reading →

Sketch Jam to develop and share your drawing skills

On April 9 I did my first Sketch Jam. It was fun. Since last year I decided to no longer say ‘no, I cannot draw’ there is no threshold any more holding me back. I just try. I am a... Continue Reading →

Go for a walk with a question in mind or 3 ideas that spark creative thinking

We all experienced it. THE IDEA. We connect the dots and have a sensation/ it makes click. The coin drops: that's it! Breakthrough ideas often come with a delay and when least expected: On the way home from work, while... Continue Reading →

Thinking Outside the Box – 11 Ideas to Change your Point of View

What do you do when you are stuck, when no ideas are coming, when you are desperate for inspirations to make the next intelligent move? Give your mind a break or change your point of view. Make your own box! Instruction... Continue Reading →

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