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Everyone is a panellist!

How to organize panel discussions with everyone in the spotlight.   It happened again. A conference organizer suggested a panel discussion.  “Mmmh….”, I thought. “Not my cup of tea.”  Panel : a group of persons who discuss before an audience a topic of public... Continue Reading →

Speed dating for facilitators.

How to find your facilitation dream partner. It (co-facilitation) is like dancing in pairs. Requires practice, intuition and excellent communication. Somya Dwivedi-Burk I enjoy working with facilitation partners (as I discussed in my last blog post). Each 'dance' is unique... Continue Reading →

Facilitation is teamwork

About the power of collaboration between facilitators. You can facilitate alone.You can buddy up with another experienced facilitator and facilitate as a team.You can facilitate with an assistant co-facilitator. I started my facilitation career 20 years ago as a co-facilitator.... Continue Reading →

The journey of a curious team discovering Liberating Structures

Learning by doing and performing Liberating Structures are…An approach to organizing gatherings of any size and kind in an interactive way. A handy toolbox of 33+ simple, playful, and robust methods, games, and conversations.A language for describing what will happen during... Continue Reading →

Listening like someone with hearing impairments

How to become a more respectful conversation partner 20 years ago, I worked in the field of health promotion and well-being. I managed a program for vulnerable groups. I remember the afternoon I met young adults with a hearing impairment... Continue Reading →

Simplify to amplify.

Marie Kondo for meetings. At the end of last year, I had a wonderful conversation about simplifying and amplifying what I am doing in my capacity as a facilitator, mentor and coach during the NeverDoneBefore Festival. NeverDoneBefore is a global... Continue Reading →

Less and better

How to get out of the meeting marathon. When I observe what is happening around me, I notice that many people feel trapped in a never-ending meeting loop. I hear them saying that they have little time to prepare and... Continue Reading →

How to facilitate your weekly team meetings with ease and energy. Seven inspirations.

Do you agree that meetings are precious moments of collaboration? Meetings provide an opportunity to connect, share, learn, and collaborate.Meetings can thrive with creativity, curiosity, eagerness, enthusiasm, and experimentation.It is over with wasting precious meeting time by running them on... Continue Reading →

Eleven arguments why investing in the facilitation skills of your team is a good plan

I had lunch with a passionate team leader who invited her entire team to learn Liberating Structures. She is happy that she is no longer required to present novel conversational techniques at meetings. The team is fully on board with... Continue Reading →

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