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New habits to meet with your team. Some refreshing advice from a meeting scientist.

I enjoyed listening to Josef Allen, a meeting scientist, in conversation with Myriam Hadnes in the podcast “From offline to online to hybrid meetings”. He shares some interesting findings about why meetings get stuck.  Bad meetings lead to more bad... Continue Reading →

Liberating Structures: From toolbox to repertoire to ensemble

What is the nature of Liberating Structures: toolbox or repertoire? Inspired by a fascinating discussion with Keith McCandless, Jeremy Akers, and Maciek Jarosz on the Liberating Structures slack channel and some further exchanges I conclude: Liberating Structures are both, a... Continue Reading →

Liberating Structures. Difficult to explain. Easy to do. Five approaches how to talk about it to newbies.

How do you explain Liberating Structures to your neighbour or your fellow commuter buddy on the train, someone who has never heard of Liberating Structures? What is the best way to give someone a vivid understanding of Liberating Structures? How... Continue Reading →

Saying yes to hybrid meetings – make them inclusive, interactive, and purposeful.

How do you react when you are invited to a hybrid meeting? Or when someone asks you to facilitate one? Are you fully on board with a heartfelt yes, let’s do this?Are you curious and at the same time hesitating?Are... Continue Reading →

Being the participant is a like making a deal – to contribute to the event you engage with

Are you a good participant? By good, I mean that you contribute your perspective, your insights, and your questions to the group's discussion? When I consider myself in the role of the participant, I have to honestly admit that I... Continue Reading →

Tame the time monster with Liberating Structures

I hear from many people stepping into the role of the facilitator for the first time that they are stressed about managing the time smoothly. The time monster. I remember it.Me too I was at times stressed by the race... Continue Reading →

What is different about meeting in person after 2,5 years of meeting online? Spaciousness, displacement, and stuff!

Have you had your personal check-in with meeting face-to-face already? I had mine last week. After 2,5 years of meeting and collaborating exclusively online I led my first 2-days in-person workshop. That was a gentle restart with a small fine... Continue Reading →

Meeting in person is different from meeting online – it is all about eating brownies together

After two and a half years of meeting, sharing, and learning online only, I will be hosting my first in-person facilitation workshop next week!  I can hardly believe it.  This is strange.I was fine meeting online. I enjoyed my online... Continue Reading →

Accidental Facilitator

Have you ever been the accidental facilitator? Or have you seen someone stepping into the role of the facilitator accidentally? It happens often.Luckily. Because this means that group members are mindful about how the process unfolds. That they care about how... Continue Reading →

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