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Nodes and links, the fabric networks are made of

  What actually makes a network a network? If it’s a network, you can draw it. Patti Anklam  A network’s basic structure is made of nodes (people, organisations) and links or ties (relationships, interaction). By understanding the basic network principle of nodes... Continue Reading →

Networking through Twitter

Twitter makes us networking. I am impressed and puzzled by what 140 character messages can do. Twitter is the host inviting us. It offers us an easy platform to connect and share and learn. The rest is up to us:... Continue Reading →

Design for successful learning events – three essentials

Inspiring workshops need great people, stimulating questions and the right environment. Making workshops successful is also a design question. Workshops will fly if we take care of three essentials: relationships, joint learning and work. And we need to find the... Continue Reading →

#networks: tweet collection on networks

networked world @nanadia #networks make ripples, sometimes gentle and steady, sometimes stormy. 01.06.13 16:19 @nanadia #network It’s not a question of “motivating” people, but understanding why people are naturally motivated to share 30.05.13 20:37 @hjarche "In a network, the best... Continue Reading →

Crowd + Mastery = Food Atlas

In a collaborative effort, the Guerrilla Cartographers have put together their knowledge and mastery. The result is the story of our daily food: The Food Atlas. More than 100 people across the globe – researchers, cartographers, editor, videographer, book designer... Continue Reading →

Dress up – make your network membership visible

End of September the Château de Prangins organised in its parc the traditional Déjeuner sur l’herbe et marchéà l’ancienne. The event is inspired by the costumes and traditions of the Belle Époque. Staff and guests were dressed up. Visitors in... Continue Reading →

Social Reporting: listening by writing

From a participant's view Mid May I was doing social reporting. I was assisting the social reporting team of a Gender workshop by writing a series of blog posts. It was fun and stimulating. The reporting included blog posts in... Continue Reading →

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