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Input? Sure if it is inspiring, engaging and co-created!

  I am a bit allergic to presentations during a workshop. It went wrong too often and my process heart felt miserable. The mindset behind many presentation sessions is not a networked one. I advocate strongly that we need to... Continue Reading →

Make your presentation inspiring by bringing in “moments”

I joined the Geneva Creative Morning Sessions. The theme of this month was “risk”. An interesting topic, even though my facilitation work is happening in a rather safe environment, at least when I compare it to what Ghislain Bardout is... Continue Reading →

Presentation? Time is the deal!

There are many ways to organize and deliver inputs. If an input comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, time is the deal. The input has to be delivered within the agreed time followed by at least the double... Continue Reading →

Presentation in conversation: 2 – Options without PowerPoint

I recently asked a question to the KM4Dev list: Are there inspiring examples of delivering presentations without using PowerPoint? There are alternative options increasing engagement and interaction between participants. See also the first blog entry on the KM4dev discussion: Presentation in... Continue Reading →

Presentation in conversation: 1 – Options with PowerPoint

I recently asked a question to the KM4Dev list: Are there inspiring examples of delivering presentations without using PowerPoint? The message I received surprised me: Don't blame the tool. Blame the speakers preparing and presenting; and blame the facilitators for... Continue Reading →

Making an input soon? Make it visual, respect the time, and inspire!

That’s the sort of advice I give to potential presenters in workshops and face-to-face meetings I facilitate. First, I always negotiate with the organizers to allow as few inputs in form of PowerPoint presentation as possible. If inputs are on... Continue Reading →

Your coming-out as presenter: Be the presenter and touch your audience’s mind and heart

Let’s drop old PowerPoint habits and make our coming-out as presenters. This blog posts reflects the inspiring book “The naked presenter. Delivering Powerful Presentations With or Without Slides.” from Garr Reynolds. I have struggled a lot with presentations I have... Continue Reading →

Mteto Maphoyi and Luciano Pavarotti

Learning for change? Yes! With a CD from Pavarotti, with passion and the force of the learning mind change is possible. Watch yourself (12'35). I am impressed.

Presentations sweet and sticky as honey

Honey? Honey is sweet and sticky. A breakfast without honey is not complete; on my last slice of bread comes always a layer of honey. And the best is this honey pot I have received from a friend, honey produced... Continue Reading →

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