Learning is a lifelong project

Life is a learning journey. We are never finished with learning. Throughout our life we have to adapt to new situations and challenges as the world is changing fast. I am convinced it is never to late to start learning; as human beings we are able to learn and to grow up to the last breath. Learning is more than the acquisition of new knowledge. It is also about us and our habits, our beliefs and models. Are we open to question our position and our perspective towards a challenges we face to solve it? Are we ready to let go and make space for new thinking?

Learning is social

Learning is social and collaborative. We learn from and with others; in cooperation we co-create. In a dynamic and fast changing world there are many things we can no longer know and predict we can only explore and observe. Knowledge networks and communities of practice play a crucial role in workplace learning. Networks are a great vehicle for for joint discovery and sharing observations from our work.

Learning is experimental

There is no short-cut to learning; we have to experience it ourselves to understand. Learning means discovery of possibilities, we dig into the unknown. Through a playful attitude and an open mindset human beings find creative solutions to new challenges. That is why we learn most while we do our work. Prototyping and close observation play a crucial role in experimental learning.