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Finding inspiration in conversation.

When I reflect on another exceptional year, I remember: The numerous conversations I had with you,With network partners, colleagues and peers, With friends and family. Conversations of all sizes, colours, and shapes.Around the globe.Via various channels:Over the screen.Over a hot... Continue Reading →

How to facilitate your weekly team meetings with ease and energy. Seven inspirations.

Do you agree that meetings are precious moments of collaboration? Meetings provide an opportunity to connect, share, learn, and collaborate.Meetings can thrive with creativity, curiosity, eagerness, enthusiasm, and experimentation.It is over with wasting precious meeting time by running them on... Continue Reading →

Eleven arguments why investing in the facilitation skills of your team is a good plan

I had lunch with a passionate team leader who invited her entire team to learn Liberating Structures. She is happy that she is no longer required to present novel conversational techniques at meetings. The team is fully on board with... Continue Reading →

Facilitation does not stop at the meeting door. Everyday collaboration benefits from your valuable skills. 

I am an advocate for stronger facilitation skills within teams and organizations. Why? Because you meet a lot, in meetings and informally before, after, and between meetings: ad hoc, spontaneous, online, onsite, hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous.  I am called in... Continue Reading →

Every meeting has a shape – How to shape yours for more delight.

How do you handle the many meetings you have? Do you let them happen or do you shape them intentionally? Each time again?  Even when you don’t shape them. They will be shaped anyway. By habitual patterns. Routines set in... Continue Reading →

New habits to meet with your team. Some refreshing advice from a meeting scientist.

I enjoyed listening to Josef Allen, a meeting scientist, in conversation with Myriam Hadnes in the podcast “From offline to online to hybrid meetings”. He shares some interesting findings about why meetings get stuck.  Bad meetings lead to more bad... Continue Reading →

Some principles and tactics for facilitating online

Over the past years, I have developed some principles and tactics that guide my online facilitation. Now and then I love to see what is emerging and make sense of my own ‘learning journey'. I am grateful to many sparring... Continue Reading →

Liberating Structures: From toolbox to repertoire to ensemble

What is the nature of Liberating Structures: toolbox or repertoire? Inspired by a fascinating discussion with Keith McCandless, Jeremy Akers, and Maciek Jarosz on the Liberating Structures slack channel and some further exchanges I conclude: Liberating Structures are both, a... Continue Reading →

Liberating Structures. Difficult to explain. Easy to do. Five approaches how to talk about it to newbies.

How do you explain Liberating Structures to your neighbour or your fellow commuter buddy on the train, someone who has never heard of Liberating Structures? What is the best way to give someone a vivid understanding of Liberating Structures? How... Continue Reading →

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