My storytelling journey – a polished story

Storytelling was always part of my “toolbox” as facilitator of shared learning. We shared experiences through stories without naming our activities storytelling. I discovered the value of polishing stories. And this awakened in me the wish to become a better storyteller, to learn to perform a story, to gain confidence and most importantly to trigger stories in others for sharing and learning purposes.

A little story about learning and webinars

Recently I joined a webinar about storytelling. I was looking forward to the opportunity.  But then I was staring at slides much too long. At a certain point I stood up from my desk and went to my colleague next door also participating in the webinar. I wanted to be sure not to miss an opportunity. But also on my colleague’s screen only the slides. After the webinar I had a chat with her. She is fresh from university. I told her my disappointment and that I expected more interaction; What’s the point to organize a live webinar? She found it great and instructive. But maybe I’m more used to lecturing than you guys? At that moment I felt old. At the same time, I realized how much my aspiration and my approach for adult learning evolved.

Yes you can facilitate this!

A story about confidence, trust and courage.


How we made our first digital stories