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Learning doesn't always need a lot. Paper and pen, a walk or a chat can trigger insightful reflection and deepen our understanding. An open mind, a burning question and a quiet focused moment make our body and mind do a... Continue Reading →

The art of asking questions

Questions and discovery are two things that belong together. I was blogging already about Learning questions – discovery questions and The power of questions – the spirit of curiosity. All our life we ask questions, although more at a certain age and... Continue Reading →

Learning questions – discovery questions

No learning event without learning questions. The questions behind the training, the workshop, the exposure visit, the discussions, the coaching are the runway to learning and make us takeoff and fly. Learning questions – the pathway to discovery. Framing the... Continue Reading →

The power of questions – the spirit of curiosity

Good and meaningful questions evoke our curiosity, deepen our reflection and help us understand how things are and evolve. This post shares three ways of asking questions: The childrens' way, Columbo's one more thing and the innovator's research question. “A... Continue Reading →

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