What about HYBRID? 
Combining the best of online and offline collaboration. How do you approach the hybrid challenge?
Online workshop, Thursday 4th of November, 9:30 – 12:00 CET
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Join Corinne and me in this series of live online trainings and discover how to successfully create online meetings and workshops that really unleash people’s intelligence, imagination and creativity!

Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive. Confident, Creative & Convincing!
5 weekly highly interactive workshops, online on Zoom.

Workshop #1: Tue 18th of January 2022 13h30 – 15h15 CEST
Humanly connecting in the virtual world; preparing the ground for fruitful collaboration

Workshop #2: Tue 25th of January 2022 13h30 – 15h15 CEST
Exploring what is possible online; unlocking the potential for you and your work

Workshop #3: Tue 1st of February 2022 13h30 – 15h15 CEST
Bringing workshops online means bringing a PROCESS online

Workshop #4: Tue 15th of February 2022 13h30 – 15h15 CEST
Tapping into the wisdom of the group; an invitation for practice and co-creation

Workshop #5: Tue 22nd of February 2022 13h30 – 15h15 CEST
Boosting your confidence in facilitating online: Ready to take off!
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‘Liberating Structures’ immersion workshop Jan:Feb. 2022

Own your meetings. Learn Liberating Structures with us.
Ewen Le Borgne and Ruben Klerkx and I are your design and facilitation team for the next
Liberating Structures Online Immersion Workshop.

Dates at a glance:
First half of the immersion: January 6-7, 2022 14h-17h CET
Second half of the immersion: January 20-21, 14h-17h CET

SPECIAL BONUS: If you join before Nov. 24, 14-15h30 
you will also have free access to a pre-immersion Broad Stroke Session.

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Other offers and options

Liberating Structures online immersion workshop focused entirely on Monitoring Evaluation and Learning

In close collaboration with Results in Heath, designed and facilitated by Nur Hidayati from Results in Health and  Ewen Le Borgne from Process Change.
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Unhurried Conversations 

Unhurried Conversations zijn letterlijk gesprekken zonder haast,aangenaam meanderend in een natuurlijk tempo en ritme.

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learning.moments.info (at) gmail.com