Liberating Structures Festival 2019

October 7-11, 2019 in The Hague, The Netherlands

After a very successful two-day ‘Liberating Structures Social Immersion Workshop’ last year, we are now offering (up to) a week’s worth of multi-events within the Liberating Structures Festival. Attend the whole festival or any specific event, as per your needs:

Repetition is a form of change: A two-day ‘Social Immersion’ workshop for those new to Liberating Structures or those wanting to renew their practice. Immersion Workshops are designed in such a way that participants rapidly experience a large number of Structures, and learn them by doing. They are purposefully intense, fun and inspiring.

Beyond the Basics: A two-day clinic for those who have attended an Immersion workshop (including the one offered above) or have some experience using Liberating Structures in another setting. This is a deeper dive into Liberating Structures and your own practice, needs and challenges. It’s about how to make Liberating Structures work for you. We will address writing powerful invitations, building your repertoire, making strings, amongst other topics. This will also be an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into some of the more complex Structures.

Creative Coddiwompling: A one-day jam for Liberating Structures die-hards and rebels to explore the deeper ‘why’s’, de-structure, find new meanings, make breakthroughs, and practice with novel ways of using Liberating Structures. This is an invitation to turn the structures inside-out and upside down!

If you need help selecting from the options, feel free to set-up some time with mer or a design team member to get more details. You can reach me at: AT

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Social Immersion Workshop 2018 in The Hague, photo by Qua Fisher
Social Immersion Workshop 2018 in The Hague, photo by Qua Fisher



Creative facilitation with Johnnie Moore

Bringing Meetings to Life. Strikingly. 

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