Prepare well. Facilitate your event.

Are you looking for a sparring partner to support you in the preparation, the design and facilitation of your next event? 

What questions or situations are challenging you in (preparing) your workshops, meetings, and processes (online, hybrid or offline)? A big gig, tricky conditions, a challenging group – whatever makes you feel nervous, overwhelmed, or clueless – don’t let it stop you from bringing your event or process alive! 

Together with Corinne Sprecher, I am happy to support you as facilitation partner:

  • Workshop design with pep and structure 
  • Repertoire of simple and creative interaction structures 
  • Methodological advice for the overall process
  • Reflection partner for whatever is on your mind 
  • Co-facilitation with you during your event

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Learn Liberating Structures

Online Immersion Workshop in 2 parts for a deep dive into the Liberating Structures repertoire of 33+ micro interaction structures suitable for any context where people collaborate.

  • Your meeting practice will be forever changed by the interaction microstructures.  
  • Your meetings will be more productive, rewarding, and fun when they are humanly connecting, purposefully structured and giving ample freedom for discovery. 
  • You and your team, group, network, community deserve energizing meetings and inspiring conversations. 

Liberating Structures Online Immersion Workshop.
Ewen Le Borgne and Ruben Klerkx and I are your design and facilitation team.

Workshop dates at a glance:

  • First part: Thurs and Fri, November 3 & 4 from 14-17h CET/ Amsterdam time
  • A break of 3 weeks for you to practice
  • Come back for the second part: November 24 & 25 from 14-17h CET/ Amsterdam time

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Unhurried Conversations 

An unhurried conversation with Johnnie Moore and Tim Pilbrow.

Next conversation: September 12 , 2022
9-10am UK time/ 10-11am Amsterdam time/ 6-7pm Melbourne time


Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive.

Design and facilitate your own online workshops. Workshop series of 5 weekly sessions.

Virtual collaboration can be dynamic and engaging! Make sure that your meetings and workshops are well designed, fulfil their purpose, give energy and connect and engage everyone.

Together with Corinne Sprecher I offer an online facilitation training: Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive. Confident, Creative and Convincing. In 5 live and facilitated online workshops in a group of max. 16 participants you explore how to design and structure online meetings that rock. See further details here:

In-Company Workshops

Involve your whole team, strengthen your team’s facilitation skills.

We also deliver in-company taster sessions and online facilitation workshops.

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