1. Invite, Engage, Harvest – the magic trio!
  2. Learn Liberating Structures
  3. Unhurried Conversations 
  4. Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive.
  5. In-Company Workshops

Invite, Engage, Harvest – the magic trio!

The art of holding meetings that truly engage ☀️ 

  • Invite because the invitation is the entry door to engaging meetings.
  • Engage because engagement makes all the difference for people, for the cause, the discussion, the outcome, and the well-being of your collaboration partners. 
  • Harvest because what a group has achieved together is gold. 

If you want to experience more ‘WOW-moments’ in your meetings, workshops and training sessions join us. We have developed a new series of three highly interactive, mind-shifting and practical workshops: Invite, Engage, Harvest.⭐️

3 workshops will be live on January 19, February 2 and February 16, 2023, on Zoom. 

The workshops can also be booked separately.

>>> Info and registration here <<<

Learn Liberating Structures

Online Immersion Workshop in 2 parts for a deep dive into the Liberating Structures repertoire of 33+ micro interaction structures suitable for any context where people collaborate.

  • Your meeting practice will be forever changed by the interaction microstructures.  
  • Your meetings will be more productive, rewarding, and fun when they are humanly connecting, purposefully structured and giving ample freedom for discovery. 
  • You and your team, group, network, and community deserve energizing meetings and inspiring conversations. 

Liberating Structures Online Immersion Workshop.
Ewen Le Borgne and I are your design and facilitation team.

Workshop dates at a glance:

  • First half: June 14 and 15, 2023, 14h-17h CEST (Amsterdam time)
  • 2 or 3 weeks to practice, try out, test and reflect, with a Liberating Structures buddy
  • Second half: July 5 and 6, 2023, 14h-17h CEST (Amsterdam time)

>>> Info and registration here <<<

Unhurried Conversations 

An unhurried conversation with Johnnie Moore and Tim Pilbrow.

Next conversations: December 12, 2022 from 9-10 am UK time/ 10-11 am Amsterdam time/ 6-7 pm Melbourne time


Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive.

Design and facilitate your own online workshops. Workshop series of 5 weekly sessions.

Virtual collaboration can be dynamic and engaging! Make sure that your meetings and workshops are well designed, fulfil their purpose, give energy and connect and engage everyone.

Together with Corinne Sprecher I offer an online facilitation training: Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive. Confident, Creative and Convincing. In 5 live and facilitated online workshops in a group of max. 16 participants you explore how to design and structure online meetings that rock. See further details here: https://bringingworkshopsonline.com/live-online-training/

In-Company Workshops

We also deliver in-company taster sessions and online facilitation workshops. Involve your whole team, and strengthen your team’s facilitation skills. Please get in touch: Email:  learning.moments.info@gmail.com