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Creative online meetings combine tools for joint writing and drawing

e-Great and inspiring online meetings play with tools. I have many online meetings. Some give me energy boosts and allow me at the same time to get work done; while others are time and energy consuming with poor results. So,... Continue Reading →

Storytelling workshops are engaging

Photo: Storytelling - digging into memories Last week I was co-facilitating a digital storytelling workshop in Berne. In the 3-days workshop seven storytellers created stories about an intercultural experience. At the introduction of the workshop I promised: This will be... Continue Reading →

The power of the chairs, or how seating influences conversation

The arrangement of chairs needs care. The seating influences the conversation. It gives the workshop room tune, color, and rhythm. As facilitator of learning events I always have a plan how I want people to sit. Even for a 1-hour... Continue Reading →

A workshop is more than talking

We think and walk and talk. We write and draw. We create and test. We listen deeply. We want to inspire people to act through good workshop conversation. A workshop is definitely more than talking. “Killing my darlings: the workshop”... Continue Reading →

Space for conversation needs preparation

During workshops, space for participants to engage is precious. Because reflection and conversation space is learning space. To make meaningful conversation happen, we - the facilitators and hosts - are preparing the space with care and purpose. Conversation space is... Continue Reading →

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