We think and walk and talk. We write and draw. We create and test. We listen deeply. We want to inspire people to act through good workshop conversation. A workshop is definitely more than talking.

Workshop talkwalk writeshop
“Killing my darlings: the workshop” by Ewen Le Brogne made me think and draw. It’s true not all workshops take off and make us fly. Sometimes we stay grounded.

I like the options Ewen brings in: walkshop, journey, cookshop, virtual shop, workstop, talkshop, writeshop because a workshop is more than talking. What happens during the workshop is guided by smart preparatory work. We design for questioning and thinking space. We hold the space for meaningful conversation. We want workshops that boost collaborative experimentation and learning. In workshops we connect and reflect. We share stories. Sometimes we walk and talk. We write and draw. We create and test. We are fully present and listen deeply.

The inspiration and action a workshop conversation sparks in people’s mind and heart that’s what we want and that’s what we go for, isn’t it? The workshop is alive.

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