I am not an early adopter; I started blogging 5 posts ago.

I am a passionate blog reader though. Blog reading is inspiring. I come across compelling stories, challenging questions, interesting reflections on issues I am working on. What I like most are refreshing and provoking visual presentations. I start my day by reading blog posts on the train ride to work. The posts make me think and rethink, smile, doodle and scribble. Often things come together. Through surfing the blog world I discover ideas and thoughts! Which I can use for a workshop or internal communication. I join in. These inputs and reflections open up my mind: I add other aspects or I see an issue or an approach from a different angle. And sometimes it’s also just nice to get some confirmation from likeminded people: Yes exactly, that’s what I always thought!

I am a convinced blog reader, to be on top in my professional domain of knowledge management and institutional learning I cannot do without blog reading.

And now it’s time to start blogging myself. I feel stimulated and invited by other bloggers to do so:

It’s become really an enjoyable habit for me, I like the writing process and it feels like producing something tangible when you press publish and ‘view your blog’. Joitske Hulsebosch

My blog is a key part of my professional development and essential to my personal knowledge management processes. It’s how I make sense of many things. My blog keeps me connected. Harold Jarche

What I love about blogging is that I can throw my ideas out there as they come and someone might catch them, add their own experience and together we create something new. Eva Schiffer

Blogging makes my head less heavy

By writing ideas down I make my head lighter. I link the ideas swirling around in my head. I can weave my thoughts together. I connect the dots and organize my thinking pieces to a whole.

There are readers and listeners: The ones who learn by listening, and the ones who learn by reading and writing (there are also the visual and tactile learning types for sure). It’s good to know what you are and what not.

I am a reader. The written text is my home base. During studies or in workshops I filled pages with my scribbles. In meetings I always jot down some words, make drawings. I have post-its with me and while I am reading a pen (or nowadays my iPad) is never far. I am listening by writing. I write down what I shouldn’t forget to do. I scribble down ideas, questions, quotes. I love little note pads, especially the nice ones inviting to write. And nice pens!

Bloggers are readers and writers, they learn by reading and writing. I want to join the blogging sphere.

Blogging is an inspiring way to reflect. What do you think?