On April 9 I did my first Sketch Jam. It was fun. Since last year I decided to no longer say ‘no, I cannot draw’ there is no threshold any more holding me back. I just try. I am a beginner. I joint this opportunity of the Visual Thinking School offered by xplane in Amsterdam.

VISUAL THINKING SCHOOL (VTS)Visual thinking is about using pictures to help you solve problems, think about complex issues and communicate more effectively.

And I happened to be nearby, so I subscribed.

There I was sitting, 15 interaction designers and me. I definitely got nervous and I checked once more the invitation:

WHAT IF I CAN’T DRAW? You don’t need to be an artist.
 In fact, most regular VTS attendees don’t have design-related day jobs. The whole idea of VTS is to practice getting ideas down on paper. If you can draw a line and a circle, you’re prepared!

Ok, so I stayed and just tried.

We did a Sketch Jam. It was fun. We were given 4 “drawing challenges to develop and share our skills.” One of the exercises was speed drawing: 15 characters, for each we had 20 seconds.

BLOG Sketch Jam

Drawing challenge

Everyone can draw, even if it’s only stick figures.

What I took away with me

  • I can draw;
  • Make characters simple and similar, play with context, add tools and accessoires or messaging; and don’t fall into the pitfall of stereotypes;
  • Develop your own iconography, and you will be faster next time;
  • While drawing a whole story start simple and add details later; post-its with key words as place holder will help to finish a drawing challenge later;
  • Practice and get better;
  • Have fun – it’s fun!

A huge Thank You! to the xplane Amsterdam crew and my fellow participants. You truly inspired me.