I don’t set out to write for children. I don’t consciously set out to write a book for some imaginary child. I just write the book because I have to… I don’t have any audience in mind except my own pleasure.
Maurice Sendak

When I was listening to Maurice Sendak, the great illustrator and writer, I was touched by his words. I understand his need and pleasure to write and draw.

So why do I blog?

I blog for my own learning, my own fun and pleasure. I blog because writing a post is thinking. I reflect and learn through writing. I have realized that polishing an idea is not only meaningful but also beautiful. To me it’s worth the time I invest. And if there is an audience I can touch with my writing it makes me smile.

BLOG The pleasure of blogging

And how?

My blogging practice is simple. I pick up ideas that enter my radar. It could be a blog post or an article; something that triggers my reflection and connects with something that keeps my mind busy. Thoughts ripen. Slowly. Experiences trigger reflection. My ideas mix with reflection of others, with conversations I have or with things I read. Sometimes these encounters are serendipitous. And then it is time to polish an idea, an observation, a thought, an insight in a blog post. I start journaling, free writing actually. Sometimes it is tough putting ideas into words. The writing is turning rounds and never finds its way into a blog post. It is fun when the writing goes smoothly; when the thoughts are flowing.

Why do you blog?

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