A simple conversation process
A container that felt safe
To us
To speak up and express our thoughts

The slow rhythm
Created the invitation
To listen

An unhurried moment
Our thoughts meandering
The chance for serendipity
Opened up

The magic
Of being in conversation with ‘strangers’

Thank you Johnnie Moore for inviting the faculty of Unhurried Conversation facilitators for an Unhurried Conversation online. Thank you Ally, Bill, Daniel, David, Farah, Jean, Johnnie, Julia, Kala, Karen, Shyam, Simo and Ton for your inspiration. 

Find more on Unhurried Conversation here: https://www.unhurried.org/conversations

PS. Together with Ton Baan I will back soon with our offer “Unhurried Conversations – gesprekken zonder haast”, a one hour Unhurried Conversation online. 

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