Corinne and I were reflecting on the amazing online meeting boost over the last months. This experience triggered lots of learning on our side. What stands out for both of us is the human and creative side of bringing workshops online.

Sure, online collaboration needs great hardware and we rely on software developers who design video conferencing platforms from a collaborative perspective. As facilitators, our ambition is always to bring people in interaction. Tech-wise our credo is to keep it simple and make it easy for people to participate (we worked mainly with Zoom combined with Google slide decks).

Bringing workshops online was for us a creative challenge and not so much a technological one.

Bringing meetings and workshops online means…

… creating the right ATMOSPHERE for people to feel at ease
… bringing INTERACTION online
… STRUCTURING these interactions
using technology with CREATIVITY
… to unleash all VOICES
… and to take all PERSPECTIVES into account
… in order to achieve the best TOGETHER!

Our learning curve was steep and we feel that we are on the right track. But the mission is not yet accomplished. We have and want to keep exploring:

… how to bring creativity and human dimension online, the ‘relationship moments”,
… how to develop a living process through spreading it over time;
… how to play with tools to boost collaboration and support different modes of engagement.

Corinne and I will feed our insights and learning into the 5 interactive workshops we will lead during our online training starting on October 22 online on Zoom: Bringing Your Meetings & Workshops Online: Confident, Creative & Convincing!

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