Are you soon organising a meeting, workshop, training, conference with some people joining remotely while others sit together in the meeting room? Do you plan it as a hybrid event because of this hybrid setting?

There is another option. An all-online event is also possible. Also, people working in the office can join online.

So, you have a choice.

That’s good news.

Because hybrid events are demanding in terms of technological equipment, preparation, facilitation and participation.

“Hybrid meetings are yet another animal we have to understand.” my friend Ewen Le Borgne tweeted lately. True it is, hybrid events are not that simple (read my earlier blog post).

When we have the aspiration to have an interactive and engaging experience that includes all voices, hybrid events can be quite challenging.

The higher the level of participation, the more elaborate and difficult the implementation in the hybrid format.


But on which grounds do you decide if a hybrid or an all-online setup is the best solution?

As a support for a reflective decision, together with Corinne Sprecher, Monika Schlatter and Carsten Schulz I have created the Decision Wheel for Planning a Hybrid Event. In it, we show what from our point of view needs to be considered for a successful hybrid setting.

Find out if a hybrid event makes sense in your context.

Share your experience with the decision wheel with us!

Hybrid or all-online: It is about interaction. Always.

For having all-online-meeting or hybrid meetings that rock bring interaction online!

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