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Input? Sure if it is inspiring, engaging and co-created!

  I am a bit allergic to presentations during a workshop. It went wrong too often and my process heart felt miserable. The mindset behind many presentation sessions is not a networked one. I advocate strongly that we need to... Continue Reading →

Tree ring by tree ring; or how knowledge management helps grow “learning rings”

How do I explain knowledge management to the person sitting next to me on the flight to Amsterdam? Knowledge management is a peculiar term, rather confusing and misleading as it is not about managing anything. It is all about learning.... Continue Reading →

The influencing formula behind knowledge products

There was an interesting KM4dev discussion lately on measuring the impact of knowledge products (find the summary by Johannes Schunter). Already in 2014, a KM4dev discussion on “PDFs that nobody reads” triggered my attention. As advisor for networked and shared... Continue Reading →

Take care of the learning in face-to-face meetings – go for several layers of reflection

Learning is everywhere. Sure, but deep learning and certainly the integration of learning into future practice cannot be taken for granted. Transfer of learning needs a plan, structure, and lots of care. As workshop and face-to-face meeting organisers and facilitators... Continue Reading →

For inspiring learning events set the right conditions

Sharing and learning are social and emotional. As organizers and facilitators of learning initiatives we can set the right conditions to allow for true and deep learning: We open the space, we invite for a journey and we offer a... Continue Reading →

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