There was an interesting KM4dev discussion lately on measuring the impact of knowledge products (find the summary by Johannes Schunter). Already in 2014, a KM4dev discussion on “PDFs that nobody reads” triggered my attention.

knowledge products

As advisor for networked and shared organizational learning it is for me not so much the measurement question that keeps me busy but the ongoing learning process. How can we strengthen and stimulate the actual use of such products?

…to increase the likelihood of a knowledge output having a bigger influence is  to embed it in an ongoing process rather than thinking of the publication itself as the end goal.
Riff Fullan

We need a clear idea about the target audience(s) and develop attractive formats of written and visual products that allow people to easily grasp and digest the messages. Such products have to be accessible and visible. Most importantly, we have to link the products to action that encourage their use.

Instead of bringing the information to the participants, how can we bring the participants to the information in a way that feels safe to them?
Barbara Mac Key

I see the following ‘formula’ that influences the use of knowledge products:

BLOG k-productsMany combinations are possible! 

Which formula would you add to the above list?

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