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Strengthen networks through social weaving

Networks are woven.Networks are woven. Strong networks have a social tissue of relationships with multiple connections in all directions bringing members from different parts together for exchange and collaboration. The weaving needs a leader who acts as a weaver, a... Continue Reading →

Network and Networking. It is all about creating connections.

Network and networking When I was asked this summer about the difference between networking and a network I responded spontaneously with this drawing. Networks need networking. Networking result in networks. Having a look at the drawing now, I must say... Continue Reading →

In which workshop mindset are you?

These drawings represent some typical situations in learning events. Which of the three situations do you prefer: A, B or C? In his blog post What sort of network is your meeting? Johnnie Moore compared these three workshop situations with... Continue Reading →

It needs a network mindset to work the networked way – observations from a network in action

  Curtis Ogden blogged about Thinking like a network 2.0, providing a summary of his understanding “of what is new and different when we call something a network, as opposed to a coalition, collaborative or alliance”. That was in October 2017. I loved... Continue Reading →

The brave and curious network mindset or what it needs to think and work the networked way

At the last Knowledge Management Think Table* we reflected what a networked mindset means to us. Our harvest was rich. Here my try to visualize our reflection: There is one word that caught my attention. It is the little word... Continue Reading →

Understanding networks using an image

If it is a network you can draw it. Patti Anklam In many of my workshops about networks I ask the participants to draw a network they are part of. These drawings may be beautiful or basic, they all reveal... Continue Reading →

Making time for network thinking is no luxury

I am a 'how person'. Process and method thinking are my passion. To me it is natural to think on meta level about the opportunities and the value of networked learning. I am convinced that thinking about networks is no... Continue Reading →

Nodes and links, the fabric networks are made of

  What actually makes a network a network? If it’s a network, you can draw it. Patti Anklam  A network’s basic structure is made of nodes (people, organisations) and links or ties (relationships, interaction). By understanding the basic network principle of nodes... Continue Reading →

Networking through Twitter

Twitter makes us networking. I am impressed and puzzled by what 140 character messages can do. Twitter is the host inviting us. It offers us an easy platform to connect and share and learn. The rest is up to us:... Continue Reading →

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