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A workshop is more than talking

We think and walk and talk. We write and draw. We create and test. We listen deeply. We want to inspire people to act through good workshop conversation. A workshop is definitely more than talking. “Killing my darlings: the workshop”... Continue Reading →

Remix ideas – A big mixer for each workshop room to connect nodes and dots!

Remixing ideas is the fundament of innovation and creative solution finding. Connecting ideas gives new ideas. How can we create the fertile conditions in our meetings and workshops to make this happen?  I discovered this mixer during a dog walk... Continue Reading →

Presentation in conversation: 2 – Options without PowerPoint

I recently asked a question to the KM4Dev list: Are there inspiring examples of delivering presentations without using PowerPoint? There are alternative options increasing engagement and interaction between participants. See also the first blog entry on the KM4dev discussion: Presentation in... Continue Reading →

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