I recently asked a question to the KM4Dev list: Are there inspiring examples of delivering presentations without using PowerPoint? There are alternative options increasing engagement and interaction between participants.

alternatives PPT

See also the first blog entry on the KM4dev discussion: Presentation in conversation: 1 – Options with PowerPoint

The alternatives

Shared by KM4dev members

My options

  • Open Space Sessions: the burning question first…
  • Circles/ Knowledge cafe/ World cafe
  • Master Classes: make the master first listening to the questions of the group, then start a discussion…
  • Fish Bowl discussions, e v. start with interviewing in the fish bowl ‘the expert’, then open the circle…
  • Market with posters, laptop presentations etc.
  • Interviews
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Storytelling
  • Learning Journey, Sensing Journey
  • “Naked” Presentations (inspired by Garr Reynolds, presentationzen)

More options

In the Blog post 20 Ways to Deliver Content that Engages at Face-to-Face Meetings from John Nawn you can find more great ideas. I find the “Jigsaw” interesting, it comes close to the idea of Master Classes and has the advantage that an active digestion exercise is already integrated.

How do you organize presentations in conversation?