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More than sharing – cocreating

We had a two hours workshop full of conversation, reflection and sharing about network thinking. The conversation was meaningful. The atmosphere was vibrant and playful. People were engaged and inspired.  Having a good conversation is learning Having good conversations is... Continue Reading →

Connecting people in a workshop is no luxury

I participated in an Art of Participatory Leadership workshop. The workshop lasted 2.5 days. The first evening session, after an early dinner, was dedicated to getting to know each other. This evening session was a very worthwhile investment. While investing 10... Continue Reading →

Start drawing by doodling – some ideas

I started drawing by doodling just for myself. It’s fun. Slowly I dared to doodle with colleagues while having meetings. The power of clarifying things visually makes me drawing more and more. In this blog post I share some ideas... Continue Reading →

Design for successful learning events – three essentials

Inspiring workshops need great people, stimulating questions and the right environment. Making workshops successful is also a design question. Workshops will fly if we take care of three essentials: relationships, joint learning and work. And we need to find the... Continue Reading →

Space for conversation needs preparation

During workshops, space for participants to engage is precious. Because reflection and conversation space is learning space. To make meaningful conversation happen, we - the facilitators and hosts - are preparing the space with care and purpose. Conversation space is... Continue Reading →

Social Reporting = Digestion Time

Social reporting is digestion time. And it makes a great meal out of the workshop by adding an additional layer of reflection to it. A well-digested workshop meal leaves more long-lasting sensations and memories than an overfilled banquet. Lately, I... Continue Reading →

Presentation? Time is the deal!

There are many ways to organize and deliver inputs. If an input comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, time is the deal. The input has to be delivered within the agreed time followed by at least the double... Continue Reading →

Remix ideas – A big mixer for each workshop room to connect nodes and dots!

Remixing ideas is the fundament of innovation and creative solution finding. Connecting ideas gives new ideas. How can we create the fertile conditions in our meetings and workshops to make this happen?  I discovered this mixer during a dog walk... Continue Reading →

Presentation in conversation: 2 – Options without PowerPoint

I recently asked a question to the KM4Dev list: Are there inspiring examples of delivering presentations without using PowerPoint? There are alternative options increasing engagement and interaction between participants. See also the first blog entry on the KM4dev discussion: Presentation in... Continue Reading →

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