Inspiration from a dog walk: What have a mountain stream and a conversation in common? Being in the flow: The sensation is bigger when you are in it. Standing in a mountain stream is refreshing – being in conversation is engaging and meaningful.

mountain stream

These hot days I am often standing in a cooling stream with my dog. It’s just the best way to refresh on a hot summer day. If I think about workshops and face-to-face meetings I see a parallel. It’s more fun and challenging to be immersed in a joint reflection than being the quiet observer sitting in the audience listening to the expert speaker delivering an input (and waiting for the Q&A moment to “discuss”).

stock (content) loses significance, while flow (conversation) becomes more important

Harold Jarche

Being immersed means being engaged. We share and contribute; we ask and listen; we challenge and question. Being in conversation means being in the flow. The sensation and level of reflection and learning are greater.

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