give-take-shared valueWhat holds a network together? Why do we share and care? What makes us tell our stories and contribute our knowledge? Why do we join the conversations and assist our peers? And why do certain networks thrive and others fall apart?

We join because we have a shared interest and passion for the cause, the practice or the topic. We engage because the network activities are precious to us. We advance jointly. We discover new connections. We create. We find meaning. We test new solutions.

An invisible, unweighable, intangible glue holds a network together. That glue is shared values.

Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps.
The Networking Book, People Connecting with People

It is not only what the network does for me. It is what it does for you and me and us in terms of connections, learning, and inspiration. A network is a give and take and moreover what we create together. It is the value the members build for each other that makes us stay or come back. This shared value is the magic “network glue”.

Successful networks celebrate: That is precious! 

How have you experienced that magic glue?

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