Trust in networks

Trust is the magic ingredient we cannot miss for many things to make it work. Trust is the springboard for sharing and learning in networks. If trust is missing deep and meaningful conversations have a hard time to take off.

Tim Merry recently said that relationships are key to achieve results, but they are often not valued as such. This is a pity. For advice we turn to someone we trust. In networks we follow whom we trust. We share whom we trust. We trust who we know and on whom we can rely on. We need to feel safe to express and expose ourselves, to be vulnerable. We have to be sure that our openness won’t be misused.

Networks move at the speed of trust.

Curtis Ogden

How do we build trust in networks for even greater results to be achieved?

  • During network meetings members appreciate social time and space for social weaving. A great way to get to know each other personally is sharing each other’s passion.
  • It is a privilege to listen to someone’s story. With an Appreciative Inquiry interview we can take off slowly and in an intimate and trustworthy setting of pairs.
  • Talk about trust, define jointly the ground rules for the meeting and how the group will deal with difficult issues. Building a trustworthy environment is a shared responsibility.

How do you build trust in networks so that all network members open up their minds and hearts to share stories and find advice and inspiration with others?