Doodle while you meetWhen I go to a meeting I am equipped with blank paper sheets and some colour markers. And I often use them. I start doodling. When I explain a situation, circumstance or a connection it is often just easier to draw. Interestingly most people join in after a while. They point to the drawing, bring in additional elements, add missing connections or question links. Some grab a pen and start doodling themselves. For me the highlight is when they join in drawing on my sheet. They add lines, boxes and circles. They add their thoughts and ideas, our joint drafting gets richer and more meaningful.

At the end of the meeting I hand over the drawing. What I get in return is a big smile.

Doodling is more than mindless drawing.

  • Drawing helps thinking, our brain is activated additionally
  • A drawing in the middle of the meeting table helps focusing the conversation
  • Drawings create an overview, allow to see the bigger picture
  • Visualising a process or situation helps discovering connections

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