Noticing the tiny house in the forest, by Corinne Sprecher

In our last Serendipity Circle we had another inspiring unhurried conversation. This picture was our starting point. It triggered a lovely reflection about showing up in the woods and being present in workshop rooms.

What has our attention when we enter a forest? What do we see and notice? Who is discovering the tiny house and who walks by without even paying attention that it is there hidden at the tree trunk? Are we ready for the forest? In which mindset are we stepping into the woods?

Showing up in the forest
With open mind and open heart
Caring for what is
And might be
For what is not showing
Yet already is

Being in the forest
Opening all senses
In conversation
With the trees

The awareness we practice, when we step into a forest served us in our Serendipity Circle as symbol for how we show up in collaboration. What’s our presence, whether in a workshop we support through facilitation, or a meeting we attend or lead, or an informal coffee chat we join? What is the quality of our listening? What attention do we bring to the conversation? Are we caring for the whole or just for me (read the lovely blog post by Ewen le Borgne about me and we in collaboration). With which intention do we step into the collaboration?

Thank you to Corinne, Veronika and Sarah for listening and caring.

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