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Listening like someone with hearing impairments

How to become a more respectful conversation partner 20 years ago, I worked in the field of health promotion and well-being. I managed a program for vulnerable groups. I remember the afternoon I met young adults with a hearing impairment... Continue Reading →

How to quickly get unhurried.

Could an unhurried conversation bring some ease to the work floor? When I feel trapped in a meeting marathon and have too much work on my plate my instinct tells me to do the opposite. Stop running. Press the pause... Continue Reading →

Finding inspiration in conversation.

When I reflect on another exceptional year, I remember: The numerous conversations I had with you,With network partners, colleagues and peers, With friends and family. Conversations of all sizes, colours, and shapes.Around the globe.Via various channels:Over the screen.Over a hot... Continue Reading →

Some principles and tactics for facilitating online

Over the past years, I have developed some principles and tactics that guide my online facilitation. Now and then I love to see what is emerging and make sense of my own ‘learning journey'. I am grateful to many sparring... Continue Reading →

Happy Learning Moments 2022

After another extraordinary year In many aspectsIt’s time for me to say  THANK YOU For your inspiration For reading and contributing For caring and sharing  For your collaboration For being in conversation with youFor the many learning moments  we hadFor exploring together what... Continue Reading →

My favourite magic online tool: a talking piece

Next to paper and pen, my favourite online tool is a talking piece. I love using it in online conversations. It is magic. It creates ease. Sometimes silence. Certainly listening. Everyone grabs an object that serves as talking piece. The... Continue Reading →

Conversation Cafe for thinking together aloud online

The Conversation Cafe is a beautiful Liberating Structure that works perfectly fine online. It is an inclusive approach to giving voice to everyone by using a talking object and following a pattern of speaking in turns. This creates a relaxed... Continue Reading →

Lively panel discussions in meetings, workshops and conferences – it is possible if you are ready for some twists and tweaks!

Think back to your last panel discussion you have experienced. What memories, pictures, colors, smells, feelings and impressions come to your mind? Is it gain or pain? Pain or gain, in my experience the outcome depends a lot on the... Continue Reading →

An after reflection of an unhurried conversation about being present in collaboration

In our last Serendipity Circle we had another inspiring unhurried conversation. This picture was our starting point. It triggered a lovely reflection about showing up in the woods and being present in workshop rooms. What has our attention when we... Continue Reading →

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