Cathy Salit’s book ‘Performance Breakthrough’ inspired this after reflection. One of the fabulous exercises she offers in her book is a creative challenge called “create with crap”.

Create with Crap Exercise
The next time somebody says or does something that you think is stupid, irrelevant, or problematic, write a poem, draw a cartoon, or make up a song about it.
By Cathy Salit

I like her notion that “creativity applies everywhere”. The poem writing was to me a moment of slowing down and having an unhurried and open reflection on something that bothered me.

Here my poem as answer to some crap that happened to me:

Sitting in rows
Bullet points

Standing up
Turning to faces
Weaving stories

From lines to circle

Another principle in Salit’s book is to make your partner look good. So, I am certainly not revealing where this crap happened. It happens anywhere in the world all the time. For my part, I will stick to this crap poem exercise, it is cathartic and mind opening.

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