After another extraordinary year 
In many aspects
It’s time for me to say 


For your inspiration 
For reading and contributing 
For caring and sharing 

For your collaboration

For being in conversation with you
For the many learning moments  we had
For exploring together what more is possible

When we love what we do, we can do amazing things.

I am looking forward to new collaborative adventures in 2022 with YOU.

Wishing you a happy and playful 2022!

Stay healthy, stay well.

Upcoming Learning Moments you could join in 2022:

Bringing your Online Meetings & Workshops Alive: Confident, Creative & Convincing!
A series of live online workshops on how to unleash the power of engagement and collaboration in the virtual world.  5 live online workshops starting on January 18, 2022
>>More information<<

Liberating Structures online immersion workshop
January 20 & 21 and February 3 & 4, 2022, 14h-17h CET online on Zoom
Special group offer: Teammates, friends and network members who decide to sign up together get 4 tickets for the price of 3. The 4th person will join for free!
>>More information<<

Unhurried Conversation about Collaboration in Strange Times
How are we going to work together in this brave new world?
Wednesday 12th of January, 16-17h CET online on Zoom. For free.
>>More information<<