Here’s how a quick hack can change everything.

Facilitation = Making something possible. 

Gabor Bitter

Facilitative interventions can be small and simple. 
And can take place everywhere.
Even in curious places. 
I discovered. 

The other day, I was facilitating in the swimming pool. 

The pool was crowded when I arrived. It was lane-swimming time. The pool was split into six lanes: slow, medium, and fast.

Each of the swimmers followed his/ her path through the water. Some tried to keep their line in the middle, or on the left or the right-hand side of the swimming lane but most were zigzagging around each other. 

I thought: This is not practical.

After diving into the water, I joined the middle lane I normally swim in.

I asked the first person who arrived if we could stay on the right-hand side of the lane and swim anti-clockwise (circle swimming clockwise or anti-clockwise is part of the lane swimmers’ etiquette). Then I waited for the others to arrive at the pool edge.

All agreed.
It was organized. 

My intervention was quick.
One simple rule. 
Let’s swim on the right-hand side. 

The faster ones could overtake easily. It was not necessary to pay attention to avoid a collision of heads and bodies. 

“Rules-based gatherings, controlling as they might seem, are actually bringing new freedom and openness to our gatherings.”  

Priya Parker

When I realized that I just facilitated in the water I smiled. 

I enjoyed my swim. It was pleasant and relaxed. 

If you want to change the game of your meetings and make them enjoyable for everyone, reach out. I have some ideas.

Enjoy your learning moment,

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