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There is a magic glue that holds networks together: shared value

  What holds a network together? Why do we share and care? What makes us tell our stories and contribute our knowledge? Why do we join the conversations and assist our peers? And why do certain networks thrive and others... Continue Reading →

Networking through Twitter

Twitter makes us networking. I am impressed and puzzled by what 140 character messages can do. Twitter is the host inviting us. It offers us an easy platform to connect and share and learn. The rest is up to us:... Continue Reading →

Design for successful learning events – three essentials

Inspiring workshops need great people, stimulating questions and the right environment. Making workshops successful is also a design question. Workshops will fly if we take care of three essentials: relationships, joint learning and work. And we need to find the... Continue Reading →

Social Reporting = Digestion Time

Social reporting is digestion time. And it makes a great meal out of the workshop by adding an additional layer of reflection to it. A well-digested workshop meal leaves more long-lasting sensations and memories than an overfilled banquet. Lately, I... Continue Reading →

#networks: tweet collection on networks

networked world @nanadia #networks make ripples, sometimes gentle and steady, sometimes stormy. 01.06.13 16:19 @nanadia #network It’s not a question of “motivating” people, but understanding why people are naturally motivated to share 30.05.13 20:37 @hjarche "In a network, the best... Continue Reading →

For inspiring learning events set the right conditions

Sharing and learning are social and emotional. As organizers and facilitators of learning initiatives we can set the right conditions to allow for true and deep learning: We open the space, we invite for a journey and we offer a... Continue Reading →

Empathy Map with head and body for deep learning

Step literally into the shoes of your participants and sense their view in terms of learning activities and discussion topics. An Empathy Map with head and body helps map the learning needs and habits. I love the Empathy Map (check here... Continue Reading →

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