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networked world @nanadia

#networks make ripples, sometimes gentle and steady, sometimes stormy.
01.06.13 16:19 @nanadia

#network It’s not a question of “motivating” people, but understanding why people are naturally motivated to share
30.05.13 20:37 @hjarche

“In a network, the best place to store knowledge is in other people.” – @johnkellden
30.05.13 12:53 @hjarche

#Knowledge #networks are carousels powered by the wisdom, the commitment and the inspiration of its members.
26.05.13 17:05 @nanadia

#Networks move at the speed of #trust
21.05.13 19:08 @curtisogden

“The most robust and resilient #networks are those that create additional value for each participant while strengthening a community or ecosystem as a whole.” – Adam Pattantyus
25.04.13 18:55 @curtisogden

#networks are like honey: sticky, sweet and the product of many.
09.03.13 13:02 @nanadia

“Knowledge #networks are like the paradox of life; the more you give, the more you get.” @hjarche #IISC
03.03.13 21:22 @curtisogden