I know who I am when standing in front of a group in a workshop room. I am the facilitator and host. I am responsible for the process and serving the group to perform at their best. Years of practice and the many reflections with peers and conversations in facilitation workshops shaped my understanding who I am and who I am not.

The perspectives of others, how they interpret the role of the facilitator, is sometimes troubling and sometimes amusing.

The facilitator's role?

With some of the interpretations I am happy and honored.

Sometimes I need to clarify.

I am rather the process artist than the thematic expert.
I am rather the learning advisor than the show master.
I am rather the animator than the expert of the topic at hand.

My facilitator friend Ernst Bolliger describes the role of a facilitator with a dancer. The facilitator dances three dances: ‘moderare’, ‘animare’ and ‘facilitare’. Read his lovely blog post here.

How do you interpret the role of the facilitator?