You are a blog reader. Are you also a blogger? Then you probably agree that blogging is great reflection time, don’t you?

Not yet a blogger?  Are you considering to give it a try? Do it! Blogging is fascinating and easy; and as said a great reflective practice that invites for feedback and connections. In my experience, blogging involves three main steps: reflection, writing and sharing.







Each blog post starts with a little story, an anecdote, an observation or an experience. It can also be a question or an image. Or a memorable blog post by someone else. I am also fishing in the Twitter pool for inspiration. By the way, this blog was inspired by an invitation of my friend Maya; she asked me for a short video statement about my blogging passion. You can find it here.


Lately, Seth Godin told in a podcast that his blogs are memories to himself. I recognize myself in this observation. Writing and drawing is digesting. I connect the lose dots, and discard superfluous ideas; sometimes I discard whole blog posts. I admit that I was about to stop more than once, but in the meantime, I published over 100 posts.


And then, there is the publishing button. This is always a moment of quietness.


Blogging is give and take. It is read and write, listen and tell, think and do. I digest an idea, work with it, combine and connect, adopt and make it better before I let it go to fly away. Blogging has this rhythm of taking in and letting go, of making ideas your own and sharing them. Blogging is recycling!

Work Transparently: The more public you are, the easier you can be found, the more opportunities you have. Of course, everything doesn’t have to be public, but not everything needs to be closed. One small step towards transparency is letting go of information (that isn’t confidential). Don’t wait for people to ask – share it through social networks.  But whatever you share should be value, not mindless sharing.
June Holley, summarized by Beth Kanter


And you? Inspired? Then leave a comment. Someone told me once that the first step of becoming a blogger is writing comments.

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