For once I am not blogging a reflection but an invitation. I am pleased to announce that the first Liberating Structures ‘social’ immersion workshop will take place on 12th and 13th of December in The Hague (Netherlands):

How can we include & unleash everyone
in shaping the future? 

Lively meetings, workshops and network meetings where everyone is engaged, contributing knowledge and experience and contributing to jointly shape the future is our aspiration as leader, team leader, coach, advisor, project- and program manager, facilitator. Navigating the increasingly complex world needs our collective intelligence. To develop new solutions, we need the perspective of everyone, and better functioning group dynamics.

With a set of 33 playful, practical and combinable microstructures, Liberating Structures offers an approach to organize moments of reflection and collaboration in a way that precisely makes this shift to co-reflection and co-creation happen. The good news is that these structures are easy to learn!

Are you curious?

Join us!

This Liberating Structures ‘social’ immersion workshop will take place on 12-13 December in The Hague

Early bird till 14th of October!

It would be great to welcome you personally in The Hague.