Marie Kondo for meetings.

At the end of last year, I had a wonderful conversation about simplifying and amplifying what I am doing in my capacity as a facilitator, mentor and coach during the NeverDoneBefore Festival. NeverDoneBefore is a global community of facilitators constantly exploring new ways of meeting, collaborating, and learning. (If you are interested in learning more or joining, check out this link: NeverDoneBefore).

Lisette van de Sandt, the founder of Positive Change, invited for a ‘simple exploration’ to uncover how less can be more, in work, life and workshops.

I think one of the great arts of facilitation is to keep things simple.

 Johnnie Moore

My takeaway word from the playful inquiry process was ‘declutter’.

Declutter meetings.

Reduce meetings to their bare essentials. 

There is so much ‘clutter’ in meetings that can be stripped out:

  • Information that has been or could be shared via email.
  • Monologues, inputs with lengthy slide decks by someone who wants to share all he/she knows.
  • An over-structured, over-controlled, and over-guided process leaves little room for adaptation.
  • Talking around issues without talking about the important and burning issue.
  • Complicated whiteboards that distract and other supportive tech stuff that keep people busy to find out how it works.
  • Energising games that don’t fit and are not even necessary.
  • And, well, the introductions.

Can we get rid of this?
Can we do what matters?
Can we have a conversation?

One of the best things about online workshops, events, meetings or training is that you can skip the introductions. Honest. You really can.

Judy Rees

In my next blog posts, I will talk more about how to have meetings that are conversations.

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Enjoy your learning moment,

And by the way, I admit this blog post was much longer. I needed to declutter my first draft.

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