Have you ever noticed how beautiful dandelion are? Dandelions are quite ordinary; they blossom everywhere at this time of the year in the northern hemisphere where I live and work.

Now, read this paragraph once more and replace dandelion with meeting. 

What does this trigger in you? 

What do you notice about your ordinary meetings?

  • How much energy do you invest in your ordinary meetings?
  • Do you run them on autopilot, or do you play with different participation formats?
  • Are your ordinary meetings driven by bullet points or are you thoughtful about purpose and process?

I sometimes wonder why so many weekly team meetings and regular staff meetings are rather dull, colourless and flat. Collaboration that is poor and annoying, meetings that deplete your energy, and make you feel lonely, are a waste of time and of your talents. A missed opportunity to work together.

Ordinary meetings are important collaborative moments in your work week! You certainly don’t want to lose precious time when bringing your team, group, network together. 

  • Imagine you have meetings where you and everyone around you feel alive and connected.
  • Everyone is included and engages with energy and enthusiasm.
  • You get inspiration for your challenges, and you get things done.
  • Your ordinary meetings are an important moment everyone is looking forward to. 

This is possible!

Spice your ordinary meetings up with Liberating Structures. Here three options for you to explore in your next ordinary team meeting:

This blog post is part III of a series on how to fall in love with your ordinary meetings:

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