Facilitation min specs









Meetings I facilitate should be inspiring and meaningful. That is my aspiration. This needs preparation. And practice. I facilitated many meetings; and each time I see myself as learner.

Inspired by Johnnie Moore’s simple rules and the Liberating Structures’ Min Specs I started writing down my guiding rules (I also call them my mantras) for facilitation. I asked myself: What are my most important simple rules that I want to respect when I facilitate a workshop?

Here my list of my most important rules – my Min Spec. I am happy to share them so I can learn form others.

  1. Clarify the 3 Ps: Purpose, people and process
  2. Design the workshop as story with a beginning, a middle and an end.
  3. Engage all participants and make it playful.
  4. Invest time in connecting people.
  5. Go for as much conversation as possible and as little inputs as necessary.

I have more aspirations. Inspired by Liberating Structures I tried to boil the number of my rules down to the essential ones.

What are your most important rules for facilitation? I am curious.

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