I love the basic mini structure of 1-2-4-all because it is liberating. It is true, 1-2-4-all is not the ‘big thing’. But it is easy, and the effect can be big.

1-2-4-all: First, I think for myself, then I think with you, then the two of us put our heads together with another pair and finally we share our thoughts with everyone.

Every voice counts

First, 1-2-4-all is the message that we care about you, we want you to actively contribute your thinking, your experience, ideas and discoveries. To advance our thinking and to find novel solutions your voice and a multitude of perspectives count. The rhythm of sharing progressively in small and then bigger groups – 1-2-4-all – brings the knowledge of the room to life.

Activate every brain

Secondly, by starting with an individual reflection and small conversations every brain in the room is activated. Immediately. As there is no shortcut to learning this is key to make a workshop successful. People engage, they dive into their own experiences, consider questions and relate ideas, stories and insights from others to their own context.

Together we are smart

Thirdly, the simple structure creates a common sense, fast. That is the beauty of it. By progressively thinking together ideas are generated, shared and connected. By listening to each other and by building on each other’s proposals, we harvest the wisdom in the room.

Are you curious to learn more about the ideas and the concept behind Liberating Structures? Are you keen to explore more of the mini structures?

Try it out!

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