Do you agree that meetings are precious moments of collaboration?

Meetings provide an opportunity to connect, share, learn, and collaborate.
Meetings can thrive with creativity, curiosity, eagerness, enthusiasm, and experimentation.
It is over with wasting precious meeting time by running them on autopilot.

It is not so complicated to have meetings that energize.

It needs a plan, an eager team willing to try and sometimes a bit of courage to challenge the status quo.

  • I observe passionate change-makers challenging the status quo of a meeting and inviting experimentation.
  • I hear young professionals wondering about established meeting practices and suggesting trying different practices.  
  • I see daring teams taking turns in facilitating their meetings. 
  • I witness courageous team leaders who bring their whole team to facilitation training. 
  • I see how Liberating Structures find their way into organizational life and have the potential to flip meeting practices for good.

That is promising. 

Energize your meeting practice

A dedicated team leader shared with me: “The best multiplier to spread Liberating Structures is that the whole team knows about the new way of collaborating, knows about Liberating Structures, and is exposed to Liberating Structures.” Nur Hidayati

Have a look at the seven tiny booklets that I created for your to inspire your and your team’s everyday meeting practice.

Are you ready to bring your team’s meeting practice to the next level?

Review your meeting practice

You could start by having a meeting about your meeting.

Review together with your team how happy, energized and satisfied you are about the process and what you can do to level up your shared practice.

If you feel your team’s facilitation skills are a bit rusty you could:

  • Take advantage of coaching and mentoring to support you from behind the scenes. 
  • Invite your team to follow an immersion workshop to learn a shared repertoire, e.g. Liberating Structures workshop.
  • Organize an in-house team facilitation training with the help of an external facilitation crack. 

Changing meeting practices requires a team effort.

The tough part is to break with well-worn routines and not snap back. For leaving outdated habits behind that no longer serve collaboration well it is recommended to involve the team.

Download the booklets and inspire your team. Let me know if they are helpful.

I would be pleased to have you as a reader in my next article.

Enjoy your learning moment,

PS. Get in touch if you’d like a sparring partner to assist you with your online, hybrid, or offline facilitation challenge. Feel free to drop me a message so we can schedule the first exchange.