How to get out of the meeting marathon.

When I observe what is happening around me, I notice that many people feel trapped in a never-ending meeting loop. I hear them saying that they have little time to prepare and that as a result, meetings run on autopilot, and lack focus and inspiration. They express a wish for fewer meetings, less rush, and more time to think.


How many meetings are necessary?
I wonder.

So, how to get out of the meeting marathon?
Shorter runs?
Fewer runs?
Slow down?
Stop running at all?

Less and better

Less is more but less can only be more if less is better. Less is a question of quality. And in the end a question of choice and care.

Fewer meetings but better meeting experiences.

Each meeting with more quality will make it possible to have fewer.  

This is possible.

What might become possible if both our online and offline meetings were carefully designed with intent, purpose and awareness of structure from the outset?

Dan Young

This is happening already.

I see how keen and dedicated change-makers and meeting-innovators are cracking outdated meeting patterns. They explore new ways of meeting and interacting.

I have some ideas about how to improve the quality of meetings. Much can be done to have more enjoyable and productive meetings that not only allow getting work done but also give a sense of purpose, belonging, and connectedness. See, for instance, the seven tiny booklets I have published to inspire you to facilitate your meetings.

With this blog post, I am starting a new reflection series on how to meet with ease and energy. Inspired by my search and experimentation for more humanly connecting meetings, more nurturing conversations, and more jointly co-created and cared-for gatherings and processes.

If you would love to reflect on your meeting practice, contact me.

Enjoy your learning moment,

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